Welcome to 'Step Away' - a study which aims to help you control your drinking

‘Step Away’ is a smartphone app made to help people control or stop drinking alcohol. It also helps connect people with local alcohol support services.

Drinking too much alcohol can increase your risk of physical and mental harm. It can also have a harmful effect on your family, friends, and the community.

Although many people want to control their drinking habits, reducing or giving up alcohol can be hard. The Step Away study is about comparing two similar smartphone app to see how good they are at helping people to manage their drinking habits.  The study is taking place in Auckland, New Zealand.

The ‘Step Away’ app was created in the United States, and has helped users reduce the amount of alcohol they drink. We have made some changes to the app and now need to test it to see how well it works.  This is where we need your help.


If you are a current participant and have any questions about the study, please read our participant information sheet. You can also call us on 09 373 7599 ext 88663 or email us at stepaway@auckland.ac.nz.

Need help with your drinking?

Call the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797, visit their website, or free txt 8681 for confidential advice.