'Step Away: NZ Edition' app aims to help you control your drinking

'Step Away: NZ Edition' is a smartphone app made to help people control or stop drinking alcohol. It also helps connect people with local alcohol support services.

Drinking too much alcohol can increase your risk of physical and mental harm. It can also have a harmful effect on your family, friends, and the community.

Although many people want to control their drinking habits, reducing or giving up alcohol can be hard. The app can help you manage your drinking habits.

The 'Step Away: NZ Edition' app was created in the United States, and has been adapted for New Zealand (with the support of funding from the Health Research Council of New Zealand).

The 'Step Away: NZ Edition' app is available for all New Zealanders who have an iPhone (sorry - we do not yet have the app ready for android phones - but it's in development!).

App Privacy Statement: see here

Evaluation of the app

If you download the app, you may be asked to join a study where we undertake further analysis of the impact of the app on alcohol use. You provide consent for this study within the app at the time of set-up.

The participant information sheet for this study is here.

Results from the study will be available by the end of November 2020, and will be posted on this site.

Need help with your drinking?

If you feel you need immediate help around your drinking, call the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797, visit their website, or free txt 8681 for confidential advice.